The Numtums Number-Go-Round ERT
Justin's House Pie-O-Matic Factory ERT
In The Night Garden Magical Boat Ride ERT
Postman Pat Parcel Post ERT
Go Jetters Vroomster Zoom Ride ERT
Charlie and Lola's Moonsquirters & Greendrops Open 10:00
Marauder's Mayhem Open 10:00
Octonauts Rollercoaster Adventure Open 10:00
Heave Ho Open 10:00
Get Set Go Tree Top Adventure Open 10:00
Cuckoo Cars Driving School Open 11:00
Duel - The Haunted House Strikes Back Open 11:00
Frog Hopper Open 11:00
Gallopers Carousel Open 11:00
Hex - The Legend of the Towers Open 11:00
The Blade Open 11:00
Runaway Mine Train Open 11:00
Battle Galleons Open 11:00
Congo River Rapids Open 11:00